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As a coach, I analyse supplements in products to ensure that we are not misled by false claims made by brands emphasizing that their high protein and low sugar content. This is crucial to know the right products for me and others make better decisions about the products we consume.



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Q & A

This is not a pang of real hunger; your mind is fooling you. We will work together on changing the mindset and providing your body with fibers to feel full for a longer period

This only happens after following a strict unhealthy diet which would never be provided with Diet and Cheat

There is no magic pill or fairy tale drink that will make you lose weight! The only effective way is to count your calories, in other words the calories that enter your body are less than the burned ones. This way you will lose weight! I’m here to lead you to the optimum calories-based plan for you

This is the most common diet superstition! Cutting carbs will make you lose water not fats, once you put the first piece of any carb in your mouth you will regain this amount of water. So, it’s false weight loss, your body needs all the macros to stay healthy and lose weight safely

If you have a strong will which is reinforced by my nutrition plan and excessive workouts, definitely you will reach strong results at the end of our journey! Besides that, I’ll follow up with you all the time to answer any questions and boost up at your down phases

Determining a specific number to lose in a certain period of time is a Myth. It’s all determined in terms of your commitment, metabolism, and the fat percentage in your body. What I can guarantee for you is satisfying results and significant change in your lifestyle.

Let’s agree that there are many types of diets e.g. Keto, IF, calories deficit…etc.. I pick for you the best option for your eating preferences, body type, and your target aside from any diet trend or superstition that will hardly affect your metabolism!

This is the most common superstition in the whole world. Diet is all about mindful eating and building healthy habits and as your coach, I’ll let you eat what you prefer based on your registration form!

Sure, that’s you are here!


Well, this is a hilarious superstition. Weightlifting never affects your height!

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