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I'm the transformer!

Once, I was in your place till 2009 plugged when I decided to hit the road of weight lifting and well-balanced nutrition. I succeeded to build a good shape, yet the lack of knowledge was triggering me. I studied the Precision Diet that focuses on personalized nutrition and luckily, I was guided by pioneering coaches in Egypt and abroad. The turning points followed when I resolved to the notion of "Transforming people's body shapes and enhancing their lifestyles". So, I started Diet and Cheat to raise a say it out loud “Everyone deserves to live in good shape and enjoy a state of well-being" Inspired by Optimus Prime, known for his strong moral motives, I put healthy choices and sports obsession as my motto that will be Transformed automatically for all my clients!




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The Goal

Recreate a healthy-based relationship between my clients and their bodies Educate about clean nutrition and workouts

The target

To look in the mirror after a couple of months and say ” Finally I did it and I’m proud of my journey” This would be achievable when we cooperate to Transform your bad habits related to food and laziness that have been gained through the years into healthy yet tasty choices to finally build a vigorous exercise rat spirit!

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